World’s first ever Ink, Which is made by Air pollution

AIR INK – The World’s First-Ever Ink Made By Air Pollution 

Hi, friends now I’m telling you about the great innovation of an Indian guy. His name is Anirudh Sharma. Anirudh Sharma is an engineer and inventor. He invents an ink which is made out of air pollution and it is a world’s first ink which is made by air pollution. 

There was a story which inspired Anirudh Sharma to make ink (made from the air pollution):

Anirudh Sharma attends a trip on his college period and he sees something black colored swatch on a bus. This black colored swatch was just after a diesel generator and he took this picture. When he was alone he always thinks about this picture and tells himself: “How can we turn something as ugly as AIR POLLUTION into something as useful as INK?“.

Thought about the Innovation

Because of diesel generator releases, air pollution and air pollution is very harmful to human beings. So, the question was “How to convert this air pollution into an ink?”. He thinks the ink was made by fossil fuel in industries but there was already burns in many industries and in our vehicle via air pollution. Now, what if you could capture that pollution and use it to recycle and make those links? And he decided to experiment a shot.

Implementation of Thought

Anirudh Sharma went back to his lab in Boston and conducted a small experiment. But in Boston, he couldn’t find much more pollution for his experiments. So, he resorted to using a candle

He burnt a candle, built this contraption that would suck in that candle soot, mixed with some vegetable oil and vodka, because to a DIY hacker, these were really easily available. And after mixing them, you could churn out a very rudimentary form of ink that would go into a cartridge, and now you could print with it. Now It was ready to print with pollution.

In 2015 Anirudh Sharma decided to take this experimentation forward and set up a lab in India to work on the capture and recycling of air pollution. After that, he decided to move to the garage and take experiments forward. We took a garage and during the early stages, we were driving around Bangalore with contraptions like these.

This was an early-stage prototype of our system that would capture pollution. That is being released from a conventional diesel-based car. After that he advanced technology. And now, that would capture pollution from static sources of pollution, like a diesel generator.

If you see, all the fumes disappear as soon as you turn this machine on. Without affecting the performance of the engine, they are able to capture 95 percent worth of pollution released from the diesel generator. And while our experiments and their research was advancing, a very big company approached them and said, “We want to take this idea further with you guys, and take this further in a very big celebrated form”. They said, “Lets, do a global art campaign with the inks that you are making off this pollution.”

About Air-Ink Team:

Anirudh Sharma is a co-founder, innovation lead: Anirudh is a graduate from the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT Media Lab, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Anirudh developed the initial idea and developed first prototype for making inks out of pollution and at present leads the innovation and engineering of pollution capture at Graviky Labs.

Nikhil Kaushik, Co-founder, Business Lead: Nikhil leads the business and strategic development at Graviky Labs.  He handles the overall business relations, supply chain, and operations.

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