Hey, friends We are here for understand a medical terminology which is called as CRISPR. The full form of CRISPR is “clustered regularly Inter-spaced short palindromic repeats”. So, let’s start our Article.

What Is CRISPR, And How It Work’s?

It is the most attractive progress we have made because of the human genome map, but the average person does not know anything about the CRISPR. In summary, CRISPR is a technology that allows scientists to acquire refinements in any DNA, then bacteria or humans. Scientists discovered this technique while studying the bacterial immune system, which gave them a CRISPR. When a virus strikes one of these bacteria, the CRISPR system captures part of the DNA of the virus and slides it into one part of its own DNA, which is a bacterial virus-fighting the machinery uses it like a “wanted” poster to identify and destroy the virus that comes next time.

Scientists can now take the ability of the CRISPR system to cut, copy and transfer the pieces of DNA and use it at its own end, which it wants, whether it wants any DNA. The potential of this technology is huge: if the scientists have the accuracy of changing only a few defective genes, genetic disorder is likely to be as severe as cystic fibrosis and Huntington’s disease and general lactose intolerance and color blindness.

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