Solar paint

Want to empower your home, but how? Most of us have cables running from some power station. Some have solar panels. Maybe some of you have a windmill, but in the future, this power may be as simple as applying a fresh coat of paint to your house. It is sound like a dream, but a team of Scientists at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia are work and research on A way to making it a reality.

A Fresh Coat

In today’s scenario energy is very important thing, every material is considered as a hope that they can be convert it into tomorrow’s energy resources. Paint was problematic in the past. Paint is in the toxic variety, it has even triggered public health issues.

This research is lead by Dr. Torben Daeneke, the RMIT University team recently introduced a new type of paint, which is made by a synthetic molybdenum-sulphide. This material’s substance acts like a semiconductor. It also acts like a silica gel, which you may recognize as those little beads to protect against moisture. Mixed with titanium oxide particles — the white particles already used in everyday house paint — the new paint is reportedly able to create a hydrogen fuel from a combination of moist air and solar energy.

Energy to Burn

I hope good for the new paint, and rightfully. So, it could convert the average brick wall into an energy harvester. The paint could be used in a variety of environments like in hot, dry climates, it could absorb nearby sea or ocean vapor to convert into fuel. It could also work where solar is not so good. The energy which is produced by this paint, will be equally versatile, and it would be ready to use in a fuel cell. 

Perhaps that, the substance will be more enough to produce power in the near future. You could easily create your own energy source at the same time, and in the future, you’ll also get more clean fuel.

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