Create Your Social Media Marketing Strategy in 7 easy step

Want your own social media strategy in 2019? We are here for a solution.

First of all, we have to know about the different social media platforms. So, we list out some different social media platform.

  • Facebook:- This is the largest social media site in the world. Facebook was maybe the first social media which crossed the 1 Billion users. Apart from that, you can also promote your business, products, and brands on Facebook. 
  • Instagram:- Instagram is fully based on sharing photos and videos. This app also gives inbuilt editing options and using them you can convert your photo into art. Instagram empowers you to catch the best snapshots of your life.
  • Twitter:- This app is allowing us to send a short message to the world. And this message should contain a maximum 280 number of characters.
  • WhatsApp:- WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform in the world. In this app, people can communicate and share instantly with individuals or in a group.
  • YouTube:- YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing social media that empowers you to upload and share a video. We can also comment and like videos. For upload a video on YouTube you have to make a channel on YouTube and you can share your videos on your channel.
  • Medium:- This social media platform is very useful for authors and writers. In this social media, platform writer can write a blog post or small notes, articles, etc… which is helpful to people. A slogan of Medium is “Medium, where words matter”.
  • Tumblr:- Tumblr is one of the social media which includes microblogging. So, people can also use it to post anything, including a short blog.
  • Google+:- This social media marketing platform empowers people to share photos, videos, messages, important website links and many more. Furthermore, It is also useful for promoting business brands and business products.
  • Linkedin:- Linkedin is a very popular social media marketing site and it is useful to connect various businesses and hire a candidate.

There are many more social media marketing tools are present in the world but we listed out some major social media.

As a result, your social media marketing strategy will help you to grow your business and your website traffic. So, here we make a great social media marketing strategy which follows 7 steps.

  • Set a social media marketing goal:- First of all, you have to think about what you want as an output of social media either it is traffic on your website or anything other. So, you have to think about it. If you have your own business then you can create more awareness about your product or brand in social media. For increasing your product awareness you have to focus on publishing a promotional message instead of photos and other contents.
  • Research your viewers:- For a good marketing strategy you have to know about your audience because making assumptions is very harmful in the marketing field. There are some tools available in the market which gives a full report on your social media. By using these tools you can view your report and analyze it. In this tool, you can analyze which type of posts more visited by your users/audience.
  • Analyze competition:- It is very important in the social media marketing field that you know about your competitors. If you are a blogger then it is more important that you have to know about your competitor’s content writing strategy. And if you sell products on social media then you have to know “which type of product your competitor sell on social media and this product is demandable or not?”. So, this type of analysis is required for the social media marketing field.
  • Create good content:- If you are a blogger then you can better able to understand “How does your content affect your ranking in Google or any other search engines”. So, It is necessary to create a good, effective, attractive and quality content in your blog or in your social media post. As a result, It is very helpful to drive traffic to your website or on your social media.
  • Set up your important metrics:- There is no matter which type of product you are selling on your social media. The matter is how you set up your most important metrics to sell the product. Because if your metrics are not well set then if you get good likes and shares although you don’t get your willing result. So, that’s why establishing important metrics is very important.
  • Make a priority:- In social media marketing, social media channels are established as a network. So, if you sell a product on social media then your product is one of the elements of “Networking”. In this case, Making a priority is necessary so you have to know which type of product you have to sell first. So, give a priority and do the marketing on social media.
  • Optimize your result:- Now it is time to optimize your result. If you follow the above steps correctly then you must get a good result. Furthermore, you observe that you got good and your willing result on your social media.

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