Charge Your Electric Car in Minutes

Think of how long it takes for your phone or battery to take up your digital camera. What if you can charge in a few minutes? Now, what if you can charge your electric car quickly? Researchers at Purdue University can find out how they are formed.

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New Charging Station

At present, electric vehicles need to stop their battery daily and recharge, so that they get released from the commission for two hours. So how can they recharge faster? Researchers have created an “Energy Storage System”, a project by researchers Eric Nauman says that the drivers will be able to fill their electric or hybrid vehicles with fluid electrolytes to reactivate battery fluids at a cost to refuel their gas tanks.

In other words, drivers will drive up to the gas station and swap the old battery fluid and electrolytes for the new ones. After the old liquid will be recharge at a different site and will be brought back to the charging station to use the future drivers.

World of Electric Vehicles

New technologies will virtually eliminate the need to stop and recharge the electric car’s batteries, and as a result, the country’s recharging stations will eliminate the need for heavy infrastructure. since the battery chemicals are also extremely safe, existing gas pumps could even be used to dispense them.

Researchers seek to help investors to bank their projects in bank rolls. In the meanwhile, they established the company Ifbattery to help develop technology and find ways to sell it. If they can secure funding, they hope to complete the research and then put the battery in larger production, as we know it, changing the electric vehicles world.

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