If you are like me than there is a problem whenever you travelling. This problem is called as battery problem (It is very big problem) but thanks to researchers at the University of Washington, that issue could soon be a thing of the past.

What is the meaning of battery-free cellphone ?

This means that this small device, which seems a bit more than a drop-out keyboard on the circuit board, may be the future of communication technology. Without a battery, it stops itself from surrounding energy. It literally sucks electricity out of the air. Do not have more battery alerts, do not have a heavier external battery pack, do not sit on the airport floor, because you’ve got one open outlets in one corner.

But this phone does not even have a screen. By looking at it, you might guess that it was an important part of a larger device, not a functional phone. So, it is proof of something else – it’s not closing Apple’s assembly line at any given time. But it is capable of all basic functions of a phone. It’s already been used to make phone calls (also on Skype), and if you’re speaking at Fast Food Intercom, you do not mind, it can be used as a trusted home phone.

How It Works ?

So how do you call someone who does not need a direct power source? Step one ensures that the device does not have much interest. This includes 3.5 microwaves – your average smartphone takes up to one million times more.

Next, this phone finds the way to grow its surroundings. This prototype device resolves the problem in two ways: it uses solar cells to gain power from the light, and it takes extra energy from radio signals from an emitter located 31 feet away. It will not be very portable.

So, this is the working of “Phone that doesn’t require a battery”.


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