OraSaifu The Future Of Payment

Nowadays We all uses the Debit card, Credit card, Membership card, apps like PayPal, Paytm, Google Pay  etc….but we all are worried about these cards because if they got stolen than our payment information leaked, but The OraSaifu is replacement of these all cards and Apps. This is a new future of Payments.

The OraSaifu is all in One solution for your Asset storage, Transaction and Recovery, no more hassles from the outdated wallets, the OraSaifu allows you safely store your all cards Cryptocurriencies, even the membership card from your location store in one place. Everything is organized and accessible at your fingertips. You can use the OraSaifu to pay for everything store all your cryptos, unlock your door, even use it to exchange name cards all with this simple but amazing hardware.

Billions of dollars asset got hacked and stolen every year, you should worried about yours as well, OraSaifu is the first hardware on the Earth which uses (TEE) and (SE) technology to ensure 100% security over your assets storage and payments. For Cryptocurrency users you can use OraSaifu as a cold wallet, Unlike traditional cold wallet using USB port for Data transfer, OraSaifu uses NFC and Dynamic QR code technology which is totally off the grid. You can have full control of your crypto assets and make peer to peer transaction anywhere you want. Traditional credit cards and cryptos apps are still hackable when they got lost or stolen but this is not happen with OraSaifu, OraSaifu wallet will self-erase your key information after five(5) password fail attempts, Your data will never be passed to the wrong hands.

What about data recovery?

BiPal the NFC enabled backup chip-set for OraSaifu. This one tap recovery solution provides an effortless way to recovery your data. For crypto users the BiPal can also replace mnemonics words in a more secure and reliable way. The OraSaifu has a 4-inch retina sapphire display with a screen to body ratio of 83.8%, It has gone through 45 steps of polish and multi-layer coating, the body is designed to fit for palm. This is the future of payment.


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