Myo Armband (Gesture Technology)

The meaning of Myo in Greek is “Muscle”. Myo Armband is a new technology which connects a world virtually. It means that If you wear this band on your arm than you don’t need to do work with your hands/fingers, because this Armband collects the Analog signals of your hand muscle and transmit it to your PC, Laptop, gaming station etc. Myo Armband is a motion control armband created by Thalmic Labs. The gadget comprise of a band of 8 EMG muscle sensors and IMUs. At the point when worn on a client’s lower arm, Myo distinguishes the client’s hand motions and arm movement.

At present Myo Armband is utilized to issue contribution to your PC or cell phone with hand signals. Clients can download Myo applications and connectors to prior projects, for example, PowerPoint, Netflix and VLC from the Myo Market.

Mayo Armand is a stunning innovation development that can be used both between computer games and medical procedures. This is an irrelevant matter in which there are elastic lines which install sensors. Later, these arches can be stitched 3D all over the world.

First of all, the use of this armband should be connected to the USB port, yet it has become portable in 2018. Currently you can accept a telephone call with the development of a couple’s hands. Experts will now be able to work much more accurately and effectively.

Some specification of Myo Armband

SizeBetween 7.5 – 13 inches (19 – 34 cm)
SensorsEMG Sensors, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer
Weight93 grams
Processor ARM Cortex M4 Processor
Power micro-USB for charging, built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery
Operating SystemWindows, Mac, iOS, Android
Developer Thalmic Labs

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