How Long We Would Survive on Every Planet in the Solar System

Earth is a very beautiful place. Colorful sunsets, hot sea air, dogs, Doritos, the fact is that we are not currently evaporating smithereens. Yes, life on Earth is sweet – especially in comparison to it it can be on any other neighboring planet.

Space: It’s not physically good

If Alan is a mask, then we will soon live on Mars. But until then, we all have stuck on the earth. Trust us: We do not want to venture into other parts of the solar system before we take care of every safety. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, everyone’s favorite astrophysics, is included in the Business Insider Video In a nutshell, it would be disastrous to be anywhere by default in spaces without space. (Heck, you will be harmed even if you are in space in space.) There is nowhere else in the world where you can save more than two minutes.


The sun will clearly fry you. “You would vaporize,” Tyson says. “So that’s really fast; not a good place to visit.”Alive time: Less than one second


The side facing the sun is extremely hot (the hottest at 800 degrees Fahrenheit / 427 degrees Celsius). On the contrary, the opposite direction is cold (minus 290 degrees Fahrenheit / minus 179 degrees Celsius is the coldest). If you can stretch the line between two temperatures and move between them, then Tyson may say, “Maybe you can survive as long as you can stop your breath.”Alive time: About two minutes


At 900 degrees Fahrenheit (482 degrees Celsius), you already know that it is not very beautiful. Tyson says, “By the way, Venus has gravity similar to Earth, so you are very familiar.”Alive time: Less than one second.


Thanks to the wonderful oxygen in our atmosphere, food and water, and everything else that makes the planet of our home lively, you can get it here in a good 80 years. If you live on “Blue Zone,” you can live in many places on Earth, where people live longer than the general population. Alive time: About 80 years


Tyson says, “Mars is very cold, but the wind is too thin,” so the intensity of the cold will not be so much that it will look at the Earth otherwise. “With some very warm clothes, you can probably stop breathing until you go to Mars. (To correct that problem, Ball in your court, Alan.) Alive time: About two minutes


Being a gas planet, Jupiter lives a particularly sickly life. On – or in? – This huge planet, “You’ll always be in the atmosphere of air until you get crushed by the pressure of the Earth’s layers.”Alive time: Less than one second

Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune:

Look up With Jupiter, you will go down in these gas giants and end up crushing by pressure. No, even Saturn’s rings will not give you a stable surface to walk. Alive time: Less than one second

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