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Google Maps released in 2005 and helped take the organization from its modest beginnings as a web search supplier to worldwide programming huge. Google Maps enables a huge number of clients to explore all edges of the globe and find different focal points, open travel courses, and considerably more.

Regardless of whether you’re a normal client of Google Maps, odds are you aren’t exploiting the numerous highlights the application brings to the table. Look at this quick manual for acing Google Maps.

1. How to save your home and work addresses


One of the primary things you ought to do with Google Maps is to spare your home and places of business. To do this, open up Google Maps, tap the menu button — spoke to by the three-level lines in the upper left corner — and tap Your places. You’ll see sections for Home and Work. Put your addresses in. You would now be able to ask Google Maps to explore to Home or Work as opposed to entering the location. You can likewise enter look through like “eateries close to work,” and get a rundown of practical proposals.

2. How to get directions quickly


The greater part of us know about the Google Maps Navigation include that offers voice-guided, turn-by-turn bearings, yet did you realize that there’s a clever alternate route to begin it? You can look for a place or contact it on the guide, at that point contact and hold the blue Directions button at the base right, and Google Maps will pick the best course and dispatch straight into Navigation mode. On the off chance that you need to change the course or change your method of transport, at that point simply tap it once, roll out your improvements, at that point tap Start.

3. How to share a location


Simply tap and hang on any area to drop a stick. Tap the location segment at the base of the screen to extend it, at that point tap Share. You’ll see spring up rundown of applications that you can share your area through. In the event that somebody is experiencing difficulty finding your area, at that point a photograph perspective on the facade of the genuine structure can help. Check the following tip for how to share Street Views legitimately.

4. How to see Street View on mobile


If you need to see a photograph of your area, at that point you need Street View. Contact and hang on the guide to drop a stick on your picked area, at that point tap at the base where it says Dropped stick (or the location) to bring the data up. You should see a picture of the area close to the base of your screen. Tap that, and you’ll dispatch into Street View at your picked area. So, You can share that Street View by tapping the menu in the upper right corner and tapping Share.

5. How to share your real-time location


In the event that you need to impart your area progressively to family or companions at that point tap the menu button (three lines in the upper left corner) and pick Location sharing. You can tap the Add People symbol at the upper right to pick to what extent you need to share your area for and Select People to impart to. On the off chance that they have a Google account, at that point your position will be imparted to them in their Google Maps application; else, it will be sent as a connection they can tap. You can likewise decide to share your area by means of a large group of different applications like Facebook Messenger. Any individual who is offering their area to you will have their own tab at the highest point of the screen and you can tap on it to see where they are.

6. How to zoom one-handed


Everybody is used to squeezing so as to zoom in and out, yet you can likewise zoom one-submitted Google Maps. A twofold tap will zoom mostly, however, there’s another alternative. Tap twice on the guide, leaving your finger or thumb on it the subsequent time, and you’ll see that you can swipe down to zoom in and swipe up to zoom out.

7. How to find things nearby


Let’s be honest, you don’t generally have the foggiest idea what you’re searching for. Possibly you need a few gases, you’re searching for some food, or you have to mail a bundle. Fortunately, in the event that you tap the Explore alternative at the base left in Google Maps, you’ll see a rundown of close by focal points. On the off chance that you look down, at that point you can limit your inquiry by picking one of the classifications. There are eateries, clinics, ATMs, service stations, and a large group of different foundations. You can likewise scan for whatever you need by composing in the pursuit bar at the top or do a voice search by tapping the receiver symbol at the upper right.

Pick whatever it is you’re searching for, and you’ll be given a rundown of close-by choices with their separate separations. You’ll additionally observe survey scores — if accessible — and you can regularly consider organizations or visit the site legitimately from the information board. On the off chance that you slide the data board down, at that point you’ll see that they’re even set apart on your guide.

8. How to save favorite locations


You’ll see late searches come up when you tap on the inquiry bar, yet you can likewise spare areas effectively, and it tends to be an ongoing saver later on when you search for a spot once more. So as to do it, basically tap on the spot you need to save money on the guide, extend the data by tapping on the location at the base, and afterward tap Save. You can decide to spare it as a most loved spot with the heart symbol, mark it as a spot you need to go or add it to the rundown of your featured spots. At the point when an area has been spared, the Save choice will change to Saved with the significant symbol. After that, Go into the menu and you’ll discover Saved spots recorded under Your places.

9. How to view maps offline


A ton of clients whines that one of the significant shortcomings of Google Maps is the way that you should be online to utilize it. All things considered, you can download and see maps disconnected with a bit of arranging. In case you’re going to New York, for instance, you would open up the application, scan for “New York,” and tap the bar at the base where it says “New York.” Then, you’d select the catch checked Download.

New York is colossal, in any case, so you’ll be incited to choose a territory. In the wake of doing as such, you can name your guide and spare it. Your spared maps will be recorded in the Google Maps menu, which is open by tapping the three even lines at the upper left when you first dispatch the application. Investigate Your places, and look along to the Maps tab to discover your disconnected maps. They lapse in 30 days, so you’ll have to refresh them in the event that you don’t need them to terminate. Disconnected maps are really restricted, shockingly. You can’t get turn-by-turn headings, or search maps while you’re disconnected.

10. How to see where you’ve been


Google Maps tracks your movements and you can audit it by means of your program. Go to this Google connect and, gave you’re marked into your Google account. As a result, you’ll see a guide of where you’ve visited in the most recent day. You can utilize the schedule situated in the upper left corner to choose explicit dates, or date reaches to see many months.

Underneath the schedule, you’ll additionally observe choices to Delete history from this timespan and Delete all history. You can likewise kill this following by opening the Google Settings application and tapping Location > Google Location History. Switch it off totally, or pick explicit gadgets that you need it killed for. Remember that, on the off chance that you don’t have GPS on and High exactness mode set under Location in your Settings constantly, at that point, you may see some surmised areas that are off track where you truly were.

11. How to check bus and train timetables


You can likewise utilize Google Maps to investigate transport and train times to any area. Just enter the area you need to head out to in the inquiry bar, tap on Directions and tap on the symbol of the train at the top. As a result, You’ll see a rundown of choices depending on the present time.

In the event that you need to check when a later train is accessible or see when the last train leaves, at that point tap where it says Depart at and enter a particular time, or you can tap on Last to locate your most recent choice. You can likewise channel the outcomes by sort of (transport, train, underground), and set inclinations as far as fewer moves or less strolling by means of Options in the upper right corner.

12. How to use voice commands in Navigation


Google Maps has various voice commands you use in navigation mode. All you have to do is tap on the microphone icon in the top right and then say your command. If you set up Google Assistant, you can now also say “OK, Google” or “Hey, Google”. After that, You can turn off the voice by saying “mute,” or “shut up”. You can also ask “Show traffic”, “Show alternate routes” or say “Next turn” to find out what your next turn is. Many options have multiple triggers and lots of possibilities, but you can browse Google’s complete list of voice commands for a detailed summary of various commands.

13. How to change your view


Tap the icon at the top right, which looks like two layers, and you’ll get visual options for Satellite and Terrain. Likewise, you can always tilt your map and get an isometric view in Google Maps. Tap on the map and hold two fingers slightly apart and then swipe up. Likewise, Rotate the map by moving your fingers in a circular motion. The Terrain option will feature some hills, but it also sometimes reflects the interior planning of some locations.

14. How to check to park


It is one thing to be a place, but if you are driving, what do you do with the car when you arrive? Some of the city’s spots for parking can be positively bad. Moreover, Google Maps provides parking advice for some locations. If you plug in your location and check the direction screen, you can see a P icon next to Time and Distance below. After that, tap on it and you’ll get an indication of how difficult it can be to find parking at your location. For some locations, you will also see a parking option that lists possible parking locations nearby.

15. How to create your own maps


Whether you want to share your knowledge with friends or help guide your children or elderly parents, the ability to create custom maps can prove to be very useful. Further, Google actually provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating your own maps, marking routes, points of interest, directions, and more. So, To get started, make sure you are logged into your Google account and go to My Maps in your browser.

If you have tried it for the first time, then you should get a brief tutorial with tips. Setting a location and marking your POI and routes is easy, but you can import layers and data, color different regions and routes, and more. So, your creations are automatically saved to your Google Drive, and you can find them in the Google Maps app on your phone via Menu> Your Spaces.

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