The Hotel Room That Goes Anywhere (DROP box)

Camping is very good, but for many people, hotels are good. Can you imagine where you need luxurious accommodation where you need them – even on the vast valley? Drop box is a light, mobile hotel room, make the dream an environmentally friendly reality.

A Look

Why Choose Portable Hotel Rooms on More Traditional Accommodation? You will not be able to rely on room service, but when you are literally surrounded by natural luxury, trade-of is more valuable than it. The lightweight room can be integrated into virtually any environment, so you can monitor a large canyon vista, made in the grove of pine trees, or make high stripes on the mountain. According to the designers’ website, “They are designed to be placed in a natural setting, and presence has easily been removed without any ecological damage as a result.”

The drop box, located in Barcelona, in the back of In-Tenta, is designed by designer Manuel Duro and architect Marta Gordillo, who specializes in organic design for interior and public spaces. They have developed a rock to work with natural, sustainable materials, which have started working in a range of their drop structure. While the DROP box is probably with hotels like its right angles and bathroom suites, other designs such as Drop Pods and Drop XL make up for more visitors. Whatever design you go with, these structures are rare for people who prefer to ruffle in the desert: they have 1-2 bedrooms, panoramic fountains and huge windows that allow you to take all the scenes around.

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