Google Smart Contact Lens

Hey, guys here is a new Invention in year of 2019 by Google Which name is “Google Smart Lens.” This Project is announced by Google on 16th Jan of 2014. This is an advanced technology small tiny chip Lens. The purpose of this project is helping people who has diabetes by continuously measuring the sugar level in their tearsThis Lens is also useful project for other people because It gives us an information about anything which we see either It’s Human, Store, GPS directions. It is a wireless device which is connected to a computer input and It is very comfortable to Human eyes.

Design of Lens

The focal point comprises of a remote chip and a scaled down glucose sensor. A modest pinhole in the focal point takes into consideration tear liquid to saturate the sensor to gauge glucose levels. Both of the sensors are implanted between two delicate layers of focal point material. The gadgets lie outside of both the understudy and the iris so there is no harm to the eye. There is a remote radio wire within the contact that is more slender than a human’s hair, which will go about as a controller to convey data to the remote gadget. The controller will assemble, read, and break down information that will be sent to the outer gadget through the radio wire. Power will be drawn from the gadget which will convey information by means of the remote innovation RFID. Plans to include little LED lights that could caution the wearer by illuminating when the glucose levels have crossed above or beneath specific limits have been referenced to be under thought.

Response of Project

Endocrinologist Dr. Larry Levin remarked the advantages of having the capacity to offer his patients a torment free option in contrast to either pricking their fingers or utilizing a ceaseless glucose screen. In any case, specialists in the field have provided reason to feel ambiguous about the capacity of the measure of glucose in tears to relate unequivocally with blood glucose of the client. Many announced examinations appear, best case scenario, a powerless connection that would not meet precision necessities for glucose checking.

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  1. Hi I’m obsessed about high tech stuff and i really want a lens but I’m 13 years old and I wanna know when can I buy the google Smart Lens

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