Car Tires Could Soon Detect Slippery Roads

Nowadays We all are travelling via car and bus etc. And We all travels on slippery roads but sometimes we can’t detect slippery roads but imagine if our car tires can detect this type of slippery roads than… That’s cool right!

It’s a scary feeling, when you start exiting Tires control, you drag the highway for a long time-you’re hydroplaning. When you think you have control, one level of water can be found between the road and your vehicle. But now, the Japanese company Sumitomo Rubber Industries has developed the technology that will tell your tires that you are slippery before driving conditions.

Smarter Tires

Sumitomo has been selling the system for the past 20 years, which automatically reduces the pressure of your car’s tires, which automatically detects: “Its DWS, or deflation alert system, uses simple sensors to measure the rotation speed of the tire, which increases as deflates and becomes smaller.” The system also takes action – and this is the key -” tire frequency of tire.” Gizmo-do notes that the tire gets flattened, this vibration will change drastically.

Vibration is also a technology that saves you from future scary hydroplaning experiences. Nikkei Technologies explains how it works: “It compares the data collected on non-slip roads, such as with the data collected on the road to the asphalt road. On a slippery road, the speed of the tire increases slightly depending on the speed of the vehicle and vibration frequency also changes.” Then what? You will be warned to drive or slow down carefully even before the roads shine.

Upgraded level of Traffic Safety

Probably the coolest part of Sumitomo’s tire systems is that it’s cheaper. DWS technology depends on your car’s existing sensors and hardware, because it is “easy, cheap and unreliable.” And the intelligent software in both technologies allows you to easily share your tire information with online navigation systems. In other words, your smartphone’s real-time traffic instructions can get a major upgrade.

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