How does Your Brain Actually Work?

Hello guys, welcome back on ScienceTechHub! Today we are learning about our brain. We all have brain but only some of us know that how it’s work. So, today we explore this thing.

How Brain Tells You Where You Are?

We all are park our vehicles at some complicated places but we all know at where our vehicles are parked. So, the question is how we remember our parking place?… In our brain there are one hundred billion neurons and they all are communicate with each other by sending little pulses or spikes of electricity via connections to each other.

Different neurons collect different information in our brain and one of them is know at where our vehicle parked. So, it sends the information and we recognized at where our vehicle parked. So, this is the working of our neurons.

How You Grow New Brain Cells?

There is still some confusion about this question, as this is a fairly new field of research, but we can grow new brain cells as adults. This phenomenon is called as “Neuro Genesis”. We learned recently is that there is the unique structure of the adult brains where new neurons can be generated. And if we slice through the hippocampus and we zoom in, we actually see a newborn neuron in an adult brain.

A survey said that “We as an adult produces 700 new neurons per day in the hippocampus but at the age of 50, we will have all exchanged the neurons we were born with in that structure with an adult born neuron”. A lower level of neurons causes depression. So, it is important and useful to exchange our neurons at the age of 50.

Can Our Brain Control Neurogenesis?

And the answer is yes, to prove that thing I have some questions for all of you…give the answer in two manners (1) It increases neurons and (2) It decreases Neurons. So, Let’s start….

  • What about learning?  >  Answer is It increases neurons.
  • What about stress?  >  Answer is It decreases Neurons.
  • What about getting Older?  >  Answer is It decreases Neurons.
  • What about sleep deprivation  >  Answer is It increases neurons.

So, by these above questions and answers you will get the answer that is “we can control our neurogenesis”.

What Happens in Your Brain When You Pay Attention?

Well this is not as easy as we think to pay attention, because our attention is pulled in so many different directions at a time, there are two ways you direct your attention.

  • Over AttentionIn that you move your eyes towards something in order to pay attention to it.
  • Covert AttentionIn that you pay attention to something, but without moving your eyes.

Think up driving for a second, your direction of the eyes is in front of the road (Over Attention), but you constantly scanning the surrounding area (Covert Attention). It works on brain patterns, all of us have a brain pattern but all brain patterns are different from each other. By this brain pattern we pay attention on something.

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