How Black Holes Are Formed?

What is Black Hole?

A black hole is a specific region or area in-universe where the attracting force of gravity is very strong. It is as much strong as even light rays can’t able to escape. Few black holes are the consequence of the death stars.

Black holes are mostly invisible, so we can’t take a photo of it. But the latest news is some scientists take a photo of a black hole. It’s a very rare and proud moment for us.

How do Black Holes Shaped (Formed)?

There are two types of black holes, 1) Primordial Black Hole & 2) Stellar Black Hole.

There is an opinion that the Primordial Black holes are formed in the Universe. And it is very soon after the big bang occurred. When the center of a very big star collapses in upon itself at that time Stellar Black holes are formed. This causes Supernova, that exploding a star and also about Universe age.

What is the size of a Black Hole?

There are three types of black holes.

  • Primordial Black Hole
  • Stellar Black Hole
  • Supermassive Black Hole

The Primordial black holes are the smallest black holes in the Universe. The size of this black hole is like a single atom, But the weight of this black hole is as same as the mountain. There is also research for Hydrogen wall.

The Stellar black holes are the most common sized (medium-sized) black holes in the Universe. This type of black hole is 20 times greater than the Sun with a diameter of 10 miles. And the interesting thing is there are dozens of stellar black holes exist within the Milky Way galaxy.

The Supermassive black holes are the largest black holes in the Universe. This type of black hole is 1 million times greater than the Sun with a diameter of the one solar system. “Sagittarius A” is another name of this black hole when It is located at the center of the Milky Way.

Can Black Hole Destroy the Earth?

Black holes are following the rule of gravity in the Universe like Others. For affecting the Earth Black hole’s orbit must be near to the Earth, but there is no scope.

If the Sun replace by the black hole which has the same mass of Sun, then also Earth Would not fall in. And all other planets work as same as when the Sun is present.

Latest Image of a Black Hole!

This is the latest picture of a supermassive black hole. This is Dr. Katie Bouman, behind this amazing picture.

This new image comes from an EHT (Event Horizon Telescope), It is a network of 10 radio telescopes. The boundary of the image shows the Event Horizon (the point of no return).

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