Why All Airplane Windows Are Round

I think you all traveled via Airplane either it is Airbus, Boeing, SpiceJet, IndiGo or “Kingfisher”. Don’t think anything extra, just think “Why all companies Airplane windows are Round”, Why It’s not Square, Rectangle etc.

Round windows on the airplanes are not a trivial design option. This is a lifeboat engineering innovation. If the business plane windows are square like your home, then the whole plane will dismantle the mid-flight, and no one would want to deal with anyone on the Cancun’s path.   

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Not Square

In the middle of the twentieth century, commercial airlines started flying their aircraft at a height. The plan was ultimately a move to save money, because the low air density means less drag on the plane, and lesser drag means less fuel is destroyed. Flying in the upper atmosphere means that an easy ride too.

The airlines made some design changes to make aviation suitable for flying at high altitudes. First of all, the plane cabin had to be pressed so that the passengers could breathe well. Secondly, the aircraft had to make cylinders to avoid increased internal pressure. Viola! Full plane – or so you think. In the 1950’s, three airplanes were crashed when the fuselage was hit on the garbage because engineers ignored a decisive design bug: they used Square Windows.

Square window is problematic for high-flying planes due to atmospheric and slight differences in cabin pressure. This difference extends the cabin very quickly, putting stress on the content – in this case, the window frames. It makes the most of the sharp corner of the strained square window and when the tension becomes very large, crrrack! With the oval window, the strain flows more smoothly around the whole object, avoiding the potentially destructive buildup of tension.

Get in Line

Since we are on the Airplane Windows issue, you can note another poem about them: They are not often aligned with the rows of the meeting. Do not blame the aircraft manufacturers; This issue is on the airline which buys a plane. It is their property. Manufacturers make planes in line with positions of positions, window placements and pass its recommendations with the airlines. However, they are rarely followed. Depending on the airline, different planes collect more rows than others.

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