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Hey guys, my name is Falgun Sompura, and I am a student of Engineering. I pursuing Electronics and Communication Engineering at V.V.P. ENGINEERING COLLEGE, Rajkot (Gujarat).

Basically, I am from Dhrangadhra city, which is also known as the STONE CITY because many stone mines are present here. Writing is my hobby so I always write something  either it’s on Technology, Travelling, Tech-guide and Science topics etc…

Nowadays I write blogs based on my research, my reading and my analysis knowledge. My hobbies are playing chess and make drawings.

"Composing, painting, singing-it can't quit everything. Can't end demise in its tracks. Yet, maybe it can make the delay between death's strides sound and look and feel lovely, can influence the space of holding up a spot where you to can wait without as much dread. For we are on the whole strolling each other to our demises, and the voyage there between strides makes up our lives."